The Pitch

In 2016, Jeremy Garner of Frenetic Films Productions got an idea to make a horror anthology. He asked some Pacific Northwest filmmakers he knew to create a 12-minute horror/comedy piece, total carte blanche, except for the theme: a fictional, “bathsalts” inspired drug called SPUNK. Each segment was made independently over the course of nine months, occasionally sharing crew members. A wraparound segment was then put together to unify the pieces, turning six disparate tales into 98 minutes of seminal goofiness and bloody insanity.

Spunk’s Not Dead is a micro-budget flick, made with spit and polish, weekend shoots, a lot of favors, and a crazy passion for making fun movies. In the tradition of films like Reefer Madness and Street Trash, Spunk’s Not Dead is the type of wild ride that will leave you with withdrawals when the credits stop rolling.

The Story

All across the country, a new drug is taking over the streets, coating them in blood, vomit, and other less savory fluids. Spunk’s Not Dead, and it never will be unless we spread the word. From an innocent babysitter who takes her first hit of spunk to longtime spunk junkies, this drug is turning the world upside down. Only you can stop the White Menace! The best defense is education, and the six eye-opening stories in this anthology will make sure that you stay off spunk for the rest of your life.

The Segments

The Devil’s Spunk (Zach Carter) – In this cautionary tale, an all-star athlete takes a “performance enhancing drug” straight from the bowels of hell.

The Babysitter (Jeremy Garner) – A simple night of babysitting turns horrific when spunk becomes involved.

Spunk of the Reaper (Bryan Hiltner) – A young junkie is lured into a frightening household and forced to confront his own death.

Xombie (Steven K. Jackley) – A sleepover turns into a hellish nightmare when an uninvited guest brings a new strain of spunk to the party.

High Score (Christopher Jayawardena) – A recovering addict is torn between his bleak reality and the videogame simplicity of his spunk fantasies.

Spunky Shines (Calvin Morié McCarthy) – A cannibalistic spunk addict learns that sometimes love bites back.

Actual Factual Truths (Christopher Jayawardena) – A conspiracy theory host’s world spirals out of control as he spins tales about the spunk epidemic.